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Ad of the Day: October 30 (London)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: White Label
  • Location: London
  • Client: Laphroaig (Scotch whisky)
  • Name: Opinions welcome/Halloween
  • Category: Film
  • Why I like it: Of all the Halloween ads out there, this is among the best. Far from being a complicated prank or moody cinematic piece, the format is extremely familiar: people sampling the product and giving their honest opinion. So what makes this ad so deliciously different? a) the unexpectedly frank descriptions of the product (“it smells good!…uh…no it doesn’t”) – this is the key to the campaign because it manages to pique your curiosity while imbuing the product with a very complex, nuanced character, b) the quirky, colorful personalities… something tells me a few of those folks are like that year round… and c) the inspired decision to let one of the longer stories serve as a narrative through-line, helping to hold the entire ad together. I love and admire this campaign for the courage it has to speak about the product with brutal (and actually extremely compelling) honesty. It’s unprecedented and extremely disruptive. If you like it, here is the launch (non-Halloween) film from a few months ago.


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